Hello there, I'm



CEO of Coppr, Building worthOS.

Lead ´ú┐tv Remote apologist.

Growing Coppr - the tech company that makes this smart business card you are in now. Building wothOS - a personal operating system built inside of Notion focused on increasing your net worth ÔÇô ­ŁÜŹ­ŁÜÄ­ŁÜî ­Łč╣­ŁčĚ.

Welcome to my smart business card.
You can interact with the phone as if we were standing next to one another in person.
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Made for mobile. Coming soon to all screens.

We're in the final stages of design before launching version 2.0 of copprOS. It will not only offer the Digital Persona on larger screen sizes, but will feature a whole new design style along with a ton of new features!

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Simple language. Extraordinary words.

The Coppr Digital Persona was built on the belief that simple can be Extraordinary.

To us, simplicity is clear, cohesive, correct, and clever. Simple isnÔÇÖt boring...

It's beautiful.

We're obsessed with beautiful design, that's easy to understand to both you and your customers. We believe that great design is always evolving, and boy are we excited for what's coming...

The scoop

When we were building the desktop/tablet versions of the Digital Persona we had a mini epiphany. We took a step back and realized that even though this first version of the Digital Persona is brand new to most of you, and miles ahead of anything on the market, we don't think it shouldn't stop evolving.

We're releasing 2.0 ahead of schedule.

This update is going to be a big deal, we're not just adding desktop/tablet anymore. We're redesigning everything from the ground up.

Here are just a few of the new features we'll be rolling out this year:

ÔÇó An online bio modernly re-designed to look amazing on all devices from watch to desktop. (yup, we said watch ­čś│)
ÔÇó Ability to use GIFs for any of the photos.
ÔÇó Ability to add custom thumbnails to your links.
ÔÇó Embed fields! (Think Calendly, Typeform, VideoAsk, YouTube, Podcasts etc., embedded inside your Digital Persona!)
ÔÇó Ability to have different information show up on your Contact Card (.vcf file) than what's displayed on your Digital Persona.
ÔÇó We're soon releasing some much needed onboarding and tutorials. They'll be integrated inside a new community platform we're calling Coppr | Learning.

All that and a whole lot more ÔÇô stay tuned!


Arthur - Cofounder | CEO