Hello there, I'm



Founder of Coppr

Product Builder. Surrealist Digital Artist. Producer to Certifiable Series.

Lucky to be able to spend all day playing on my computer, hotwired to the internet at blazing speeds, running the latest games like Figma, Framer, Webflow, Spatial and Spline. During the day I'm turning Linear issues purple for artLabs­čž¬, where I practice all of my tech wizardry. My main focus currently is growing Coppr, this product. In my spare time IÔÇÖm slowly developing an edu platform called worthOS; online courses packaged with custom software to helping others build online products and businesses. Launching a French bakery with my mom called Bon Gateau and Helping my partner produce her hit series Certifiable, watch season 1 free on certifiableseries.com. And in the time that remains IÔÇÖm a surrealist digital artist, painting portraits of Dream Angels with AI & Ps.

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